Understanding the Importance of Filtered Water 06 Sep 2023

Understanding the Importance of Filtered Water

Just Water's filtration process unveils a six-step journey to deliver water beyond quenching thirst. From eliminating chlorine to eradicating bacteria and viruses, each drop undergoes meticulous treatment. The Carbon Bed Filter, UV Treatment, and Silver Ion Technology ensure unparalleled purity. Experience the difference with Just Water - where every sip is a promise of high-quality water.

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Cheers to Water! 24 Dec 2020

Cheers to Water!

The ultimate Kiwi summer is filled with BBQs, beach days and parties with friends and whānau. We sure do ALL deserve it this year! With all these fun events, a bit of champagne or sugary drinks and hopefully a fair bit of summer sun, it's even more important to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.

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5 reasons why filtered water will benefit your workplace 28 Oct 2020

5 reasons why filtered water will benefit your workp…

If the thought of drinking water directly from a tap or a plastic bottle puts you off, you’re not alone. Drinking over-chlorinated water that’s come straight out of an old metal pipe isn’t worth the effort to get up from your desk for. But, if you had the choice to drink mountain-fresh water daily, the chances of you getting up from your desk to pour yourself a few glasses throughout the day is a lot higher.

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