06 Sep 2023

Understanding the Importance of Filtered Water

Water is life's most essential element, and ensuring its quality is paramount. At Just Water, we take this responsibility seriously. Our cutting-edge filtration process is a testament to our commitment to delivering water that goes beyond quenching thirst—it nourishes and revitalizes. In this blog post, we'll unveil the six-step journey that every drop of our water takes to reach your glass, ensuring unparalleled quality.


Step 1: The Carbon Bed Filter - Removing Chlorine and More

Our cutting-edge filtration process begins with the carbon bed filter, a true marvel of water purification. This powerhouse removes not only the common culprit, chlorine, but also a range of organic contaminants. These include permanganates, ferrous iron salts, dichromates, silver salts, mercuric chloride, arsenates, and more. By the time the water passes through this step, it's transformed from ordinary tap water into a refreshing elixir, setting the stage for further purification.


Step 2: The 5-Micron Filter Cartridge - Banishing Sediment

Next in line is our 5-micron filter cartridge, an unsung hero in ensuring pristine water quality. This meticulous filter works tirelessly to remove any sediment from the water, leaving it crystal clear and free from any visible impurities. By eradicating even the tiniest particles, it sets the foundation for the subsequent steps in our filtration process.


Step 3: Ultra-Violet (UV) Treatment - A Lethal Blow to Bacteria and Viruses

Now, the true magic happens with our ultraviolet (UV) treatment. Operating within wavelengths of 240 to 280 nanometers, this step is a highly effective agent for eradicating bacteria and viruses. It ensures that every drop of water that leaves our facility is not only clear but also pathogen-free, meeting the highest standards of purity.


Step 4: The 1-Micron Filter Cartridge - The Final Stand Against Microbes

To leave nothing to chance, our 1-micron filter cartridge steps up to the plate. It's a crucial final defense against any remaining bacteria or viruses, boasting an astounding 99.9% efficiency. This cartridge works tirelessly to remove large particles as well as those minuscule microbes that may have managed to linger, leaving no room for compromise on water quality.


Step 5: Silver Ion Technology - NASA's Secret Weapon, Now in Your Glass

Inspired by NASA's technological marvels, we employ Silver Ion technology to add an extra layer of treatment. This showcases our dedication to employing some of the world's most advanced purification systems. By infusing silver ions, we ensure that any potential microorganisms are met with a formidable barrier, guaranteeing water of the highest quality.


Step 6: The 25-Micron Filter - The Final Touch of Purity

In the last leg of our journey, the 25-micron filter provides the finishing touch. It captures any lingering sediment, leaving no room for compromise on quality. This meticulous step guarantees that only the highest-quality water is delivered to our cherished customers, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Behind every sip of Just Water lies a meticulously crafted process that ensures unparalleled freshness and quality. From removing chlorine and organic contaminants to eradicating bacteria and viruses, our filtration system is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Experience the difference that filtered water can make in your life. Choose Just Water, where every drop is a promise of high-quality water. Elevate your hydration experience today!