Long Term Rental

Experience the convenience of our water cooler rental service! Stay refreshed and hydrated with ease. With our sleek and modern coolers, you'll have access to crisp, clean water whenever you need it. Enjoy the convenience of a reliable water source in your home or office, without the commitment. Try long term water cooler rental today!

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Short Term Rental

Need a short-term solution? You can also rent our water coolers for the duration that suits your event best. Elevate any gathering, be it a corporate event, sports club meet-up, or special occasion, with our water coolers designed to keep your team or attendees refreshed and revitalised. Our premium coolers guarantee a continuous supply of cool, crisp water, ensuring everyone stays invigorated and at their best. 

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One-Off Purchase

Introducing our water cooler purchase option! For those seeking a reliable hydration solution without the need for servicing or filter replacements, our standalone coolers are the perfect choice. With a one-time investment, you'll have a trusty water dispenser at your fingertips. Enjoy the convenience of easy access to refreshingly cool water, hassle-free. Contact Us or Call 0800 801 802

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