New to Just Water?

Just Water offers a range of solutions to New Zealand businesses. Check out our range of products here or get in touch with our friendly sales team on 0800 801 802.

EasyFill - our fill your own solution is available nationwide. Experience the convenience of an endless supply of chilled and filtered water, all effortlessly through our filter kit and reusable bottle.

Water Delivery - available to select parts in the North Island. Experience the convenience of getting Just Water straight to your doorstep!

We offer water delivery for businesses and homes in the North Island. Get in touch to find out if we deliver in your area. 

Our fresh filtered water is delivered to customers every fortnight, however, we offer more frequent deliveries as an option to some business customers.

Yes. All Just Water coolers are UL listed and NSF certified. Underwriters Laboratory (NL) is the globally recognised standard for product compliance. The National Safety Foundation (NSF) leads the world in public health and safety, and sets standards for water coolers to meet food safety compliance.

Yes, for our business customers servicing is included in all rentals contracts. Just Water’s own DrinkSafe® International Service and Sanitisation Programme was specially designed to meet the most stringent standards of safety, taste and performance from our products.

We do not provide maintenance for our Home Water Coolers. We kindly request you to refer to our cleaning instructions. Download the Just Water cooler cleaning instructions here.

Additionally, our home customers are entitled to a complimentary annual filter replacement.  To determine your eligibility, please reach out to us by visiting our contact us page here.

Yes. To comply with DrinkSafe® International standards, we’re the only water cooler company to engage an independent Telarc certified laboratory to randomly test water every month from Just Water coolers placed around New Zealand.

The DrinkSafe® programme, exclusively available for business customers, is offered by Just Water. It is a comprehensive service and sanitization initiative designed to safeguard the health of our customers. When you rent a water cooler from us, you can expect the following assurances:

  • Thorough cleaning and sanitizing of the cooler, bottle, and cap, both internally and externally.
  • Sanitization of the cooling reservoir, taps, and wastewater areas.
  • Regular checks and cleaning of filter housing, with filter cartridges and hoses replaced as necessary.
  • A detailed service history maintained for each water cooler.
  • Rigorous testing of our sanitization process by an independent registered laboratory.
  • Unlimited callouts for any necessary maintenance or issues, provided at no extra cost.

With DrinkSafe®, we prioritize the safety and well-being of those who rely on our water coolers.

Our depots meticulously filter and bottled water, strictly adhering to rigorous standards and international best practices. Sourced from the municipal supply, our water undergoes a meticulous filtration process that eliminates sediments and impurities while retaining essential minerals crucial for health and wellbeing. Preserving the health benefits of minerals like calcium, magnesium and silver is our priority, and in doing so, a trace amount of fluoride remains.

It's worth noting that while Just Water does not add fluoride into the water intentionally, in our commitment to maintaining these essential minerals, a trace amount of fluoride may naturally remain in the water. The Ministry of Health mentions, "Fluoride is a natural substance that helps protect our teeth by making them stronger and by reducing tooth decay. It exists naturally in air, soil, fresh water, sea water, plants and in lots of food." 1  


1. Fluoride and oral health. (n.d.). Ministry of Health NZ.


We replace water filters annually for our Fill-Your-Own coolers. Get in touch when your filter is due to be replaced and we’ll send you a new one in 3-5 business days.

Please call 0800 801 802 and we’ll help you get the part you require for your filter kit.

The most likely cause is a cracked water bottle. Alternatively, water may be leaking from the filter or connections. If you notice your cooler leaking, please call 0800 801 802 and we’ll offer prompt assistance.

Is it time for a filter replacement? Arrange a replacement filter and flush 10 litres of water through the unit. Contact Just Water on 0800 801 802.

This may mean there is an air bubble in your hose preventing your water from flowing through. You can clear this by activating the reset button.

  1. Twist and lift your lid up.
  2. There will be a red reset button, press and hold that for 3 – 5 seconds.
  3. Allow this to sit and refill for the next 30 minutes to an hour.

If this doesn’t get things running again, please call us on 0800 801 802 option 3. 

1 . Remove the bottle and the spill guard.

2. Check if the reservoir is empty or if the water has frozen over.

3a. If the reservoir is empty, place a new bottle on top.
3b. If the water has frozen over in the reservoir, turn off the cooler from the power point. Allow time for the water to defrost, then turn it back on.

If the water freezes over again, please call us on 0800 801 802 option 3.

Check that the white temperature indicator reaches the top of the blue display. If not, reset the cold-water temperature setting to 4°C.

Is the ambient temperature around your water cooler very hot or cold? Normally in these scenarios the water cooler is chilling properly, the approximate time for a full recovery is 15 minutes. You may need a different option – call us on 0800 801 802.

If you use a lot of water, your current water cooler model may not be keeping up. Take a look to see if a larger water cooler model or a water fountain option would work better for you.

It's very simple! Please email and our friendly team will send you instructions.

Follow our simple instructions here.

We recommend cleaning your water cooler about once every 12 months to keep it working well and your water tasting fresh.


1. Wipe down the surface with warm, soapy water or a mild surface spray.

2. Remove the bottle and gently lift out the ring it sits in (the part that spikes the bottle cap when you place it on the cooler).


1. Empty any water left in the tank by draining it from both taps into a bucket.

2. Wipe the inside of the reservoir with a damp cloth and warm/hot water. You can use warm soapy water, but you’ll need to rinse any residue away thoroughly.


1. Unscrew the taps and remove the drip tray and spill guard. Wash them in the sink or your dishwasher.

2. Rinse well to remove any soapy residue and put them back on the cooler.

3. Gently hand tighten the taps – don’t overtighten them.

4. Put the bottle ring and the bottle back on the cooler.

5. Flush at least two litres of cold water through the taps.

6. Pour a glass and taste to make sure there’s no soapy residue.

Electrical Tagging is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the hired equipment complies with the requirements of this Standard at the commencement of the Hire.
The responsibility for testing, inspection, and tagging passes to the Hiree once the cooler is on their premises.

This specification is relating to New Zealand Standards and can be found through Standards New Zealand under Safety and Inspection of Electrical Equipment section 1.2.4 Hire Equipment: Responsibility for Hire Equipment at the commencement of hire Responsibility for Hire Equipment during hire