Just Water's Filtration Process

Just Water's clean drinking water goes through a stringent multi-step filtration process, delivering crystal clear, great-tasting water, litre after litre.


Step 1

Our carbon bed filter removes chlorine from the water, as well as bad tastes and odours. Other organic matter filtered out include permanganates, ferrous iron salts, dichromates, silver salts, mercuric chloride andarsenates and more!


Step 2

Our 5-micron filter cartridge removes sediment from the water.


Step 3

The ultra-violet (UV) treatment* removes bacteria and viruses, using wavelengths of 240 - 280 nanometres, a highly effective agent for killing bacteria.


Step 4

Our 1-micron filter cartridge removes any remaining bacteria or viruses, up to 99.9%, large particles as well as those that are very small such as microbes.


Step 5

We use the same Silver Ion technology as NASA to further treat our water prior to bottling – one of the world's most advanced water purification systems.


Step 6

25-micron filter is the final step, capturing any sediment remaining, ensuring only the highest quality of water is delivered to our customers.

DrinkSafeĀ® International Service and Sanitisation Programme

For our valued business customers, ensuring your health and well-being is of paramount importance. We’ve taken proactive steps to guarantee the safety of your hydration sources. Through our DrinkSafe® International Service and Sanitisation Programme, we go above and beyond to provide a clean and reliable water source exclusively tailored for businesses. 

Benefits of DrinkSafe®:

  • Thorough Cleaning and Sanitisation: Each water cooler, bottle, and cap undergoes an exhaustive internal and external cleaning process. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that your water source remains free from contaminants, delivering filtered and refreshing hydration.
  • Reservoir and Tap Sanitisation: The cooling reservoir, taps, and wastewater areas are subjected to a thorough sanitisation process. This extra step in the cleaning procedure ensures that every component of the water cooler remains hygienic and safe for use.
  • Comprehensive Service History: For every water cooler, Just Water maintains a detailed service history. This meticulous record-keeping enables swift and efficient troubleshooting, ensuring that any potential issues are promptly addressed.
  • Third-Party Validation: An independent registered laboratory rigorously assesses Just Water's sanitisation process. This validation guarantees that their methods meet the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Unlimited Callouts, On the House: With the DrinkSafe® program, you can rest easy knowing that Just Water offers free, unlimited callouts. This means that if you ever have concerns about your water cooler, assistance is just a phone call away.

    Experience the Benefits of DrinkSafe® with Just Water's International Service and Sanitisation Program. When you choose Just Water, you're not only getting a water cooler – you're getting a commitment to cleanliness, hygiene, and safety. Our dedication to the health and well-being of your staff and customers shines through in every aspect of their service. Make the wise choice for your hydration needs; choose Just Water and enjoy the advantages of DrinkSafe®.

Compare our water solutions

Our water coolers range from plumbed-in, to fill-your-own or convenient water deliveries. The table below should help to identify your ideal solution and our friendly sales team are also on hand to help - 0800 801 802.

Water Delivery

Water Delivery

From $26/mth

Direct Connect

Direct Connect

From $44/mth

Fill Your Own


From $33/mth

01 Available for short term hire

02 Portable and easy to relocate

03 Full service included

04 Chilled fIltered water

05 No bottles to lift or store

06 Choice of colours available

07 Never runs out of water

08 Manual refill

CEO Guarantee

"I built Just Water on trust and fair play, and I treat every customer as though they were my own family. So if we’re not living up to your expectations, contact me directly. I promise to do the right thing by you."

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Founder and CEO of Just Life Group

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