Our Story

The story of Just Water began in 1987. Founder and CEO, Tony Falkenstein, had noticed water coolers in American sitcoms and came to see them as a symbol of healthy living – something he had always been passionate about. Tony realised that giving Kiwis access to chilled, filtered water was the perfect way to help them live a healthy life, and Just Water grew from there. Today, Just Water can be found in more than 30,000 homes and offices throughout the country! 


Our Values

Our core values are fundamental to our mission of enhancing the lives of New Zealanders. That’s why we put our values FIRST in everything we do.

Fun - Integrity - Respect - Service - Trust

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Our People

Our people are the foundation of Just Water. Their commitment, passion, knowledge, work ethic and sheer enthusiasm are the ground we stand on. World-class service and products are only possible with teamwork. From your delivery drivers, to customer service representatives who get things sorted, to the technicians that keep everything humming, we work hard together to deliver a fantastic customer experience, every time!


Our Quality

From our water production and bottling, to our DrinkSafe® service and sanitisation programme, we adhere to the highest standards and guarantee the best filtered water solutions to all our customers.

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Environmental Impact

Just Water is constantly striving to minimise the impact on the environment, from our sustainable plastic-free paper cups, to our model of refurbishing water coolers to the highest standard and reusing our water bottles.

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The Just Water Difference

Just Water is committed to enhancing the lives of New Zealanders by promoting healthy lifestyles and reducing plastic waste. Since 1989, we have been providing homes and workplaces throughout the country with filtered, chilled drinking water of the highest quality. Our core values drive us to offer a wide range of solutions that cater to all needs and budgets, while maintaining the uncompromising quality of our service. Our team of professionals, spread nationwide, guarantee an unparalleled customer experience that our valued customers have come to expect from us.

Our mission is aligned with New Zealand's efforts to promote healthy lifestyles and reduce plastic waste. By providing an alternative to single-use plastic bottles, we empower people to make healthier choices and cut down on the environmental impact caused by plastic waste. This is especially important in today's world, where plastic pollution has become a pressing environmental issue, and more people are becoming aware of the impact of their choices on the planet.

At Just Water, we understand that one size does not fit all, and that's why we offer a variety of solutions to meet different needs and budgets. Our focus on maintaining quality of service across the board ensures that every customer receives the same exceptional experience, regardless of their choice. Our team of dedicated professionals, driven by our core values, ensure that our customers receive the best possible experience. This is why we have garnered a reputation for excellence in the industry.

Just Water's commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles and reducing plastic waste, our wide range of solutions, and our focus on maintaining quality of service through its team of dedicated professionals make up what we call the "Just Water Difference". We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers have access to the best drinking water solutions that meet their needs and budgets, while upholding the highest standards of service.

CEO Guarantee

"I built Just Water on trust and fair play, and I treat every customer as though they were my own family. So if we’re not living up to your expectations, contact me directly. I promise to do the right thing by you."

Tony Falkenstein,

Founder and CEO of Just Life Group

Call me on 021 950 856 or email at

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