My Wally Stainless Steel Bottles

Our My Wally stainless steel bottles have a 750mL capacity and are double-lined to keep your drinks cooler or hotter for longer. Designed to provide you with a superior drinking experience while keeping your beverages fresh and your hydration needs met.

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Just Paper Cups

Driven by our sustainability goals, we sourced the most environmentally friendly cups we could find! We're proud to say that Just Paper Cups are not just biodegradable, they are certified plastic-free, home compostable and food safe.

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Just Water Filters

The most important part of your water cooler, fountain or under-bench unit is the water filter! Our filtration technology keeps your water clean, fresh-tasting and free from contaminants. Choose from our diverse range of market-leading water filters and housing to suit your needs.

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Just Water Bottles

Led by our environmental goals, we reuse our 15 litre water bottles until they come to the end of their life cycle. Our bottles are made of durable materials and estimated to last around 5 years. Bottles are included in the cooler rental and also available for purchase.

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Bottle Covers

Our branded water bottle covers are both aesthetically pleasing and provide a protection for your filtered water from the harmful UV rays.

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Childproof Taps

Our safety lock taps provide protection for our hot & cold water coolers. Whether you have a cooler at home or at work, the mechanism will ensure a safe use of the cooler with no hot water spills.

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Leak Trays

Leak trays are included in the cooler rental and are also available for purchase if you own a water cooler.

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Fountain Spouts

We recommend a heavy duty spout for water fountains located in spaces such as gymnasiums, schools and other particularly high-water consumption locations.

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Guarantee from the CEO

"I built Just Water on trust and fair play, and I treat every customer as though they were my own family. So if we’re not living up to your expectations, contact me directly. I promise to do the right thing by you."

Tony Falkenstein,

Founder and CEO of Just Life Group

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