24 Dec 2020

Cheers to Water!


The ultimate Kiwi summer is filled with BBQs, beach days and parties with friends and whānau. We sure do ALL deserve it this year! With all these fun events, a bit of champagne or sugary drinks and hopefully a fair bit of summer sun, it's even more important to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.

Here we cover three ways drinking water this festive season will benefit you and your body.

Water increases your energy levels

Backyard cricket with friends and family is a lot of fun in summer. If you’re looking to maintain those energy levels in the hot sun (and keep up with the younger family members) you’ll need to replenish any water lost through sweat.

When you sweat your body is trying to cool itself down. Sweat evaporates from your skin, removing heat, but you lose water as a result. If you don't replace that water you will notice your performance dropping. You might drop the ball or have a slow reaction speed, feel tired and need regular breaks.

If this happens just replenish your energy levels with water. Water is the quickest and easiest way to boost your energy so you can go back and enjoy beating your family in backyard cricket. A good rule of thumb is, if you're sweating, you need to drink water.

Water reduces hangovers

A few afternoon drinks in the sun with work mates is great, especially in the lead up to Christmas. The headache the next day is not so welcome! Time can slip by, getting lost in conversation about Christmas parties and summer plans, and you may not realise how many drinks you have had.

The more alcohol you drink, the more dehydrated you become. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means your body loses more fluid than it’s taking in because you need the bathroom more often. As refreshing as an ice-cold mojito sounds on a hot day, these sugary cocktails will stop your body from absorbing the water it needs to keep you happy and hydrated.

Just Water's tips for hangover prevention:

  • Have a few glasses of water before you head out and get a head start on those hydration levels.
  • Alternate drinks between a glass of water and an alcoholic drink. This is a great way of moderating your alcohol consumption and staying hydrated. Win win!
  • Make sure you have a big glass of water before you go to bed. You'll thank yourself in the morning!

Water boosts immunity

We all want to stay healthy and make the most of our precious holiday time with family and friends. There are lots of great ways to boost our immune systems at this time of year, including all those delicious summer fruits and veges, but did you know water can help too?

Water helps to keep our blood moving, transporting lots of good nutrients to our organs, keeping them working optimally. Combine good hydration with a healthy diet and you’ll be helping your body be at its best.

Water also helps flush out toxins. It can help prevent toxins building up and having a negative effect on our immune system. Try a squeeze of lemon in your chilled water for a tasty detox boost.

Look after your body and make sure you hydrate often this festive season. Keep your friends and family happy with delicious, filtered water. Infuse some fruity tea leaves and add fresh fruit for delicious iced tea alternatives to alcoholic or sugary drinks. Keep a bottle of water handy when you’re heading out and about and enjoy your summer break!

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