I have wanted to encourage my family to drink more water and now this has extended to my wee grandson. He has been helping himself to the gorgeous cold water from our Just Water cooler machine from 14 mths old. He loves to help himself like the adults. It’s the result of having a machine that we can roll model healthy behaviours. Marley will only drink water and that’s his choice! Having the Just Water on tap and always cold is perfect. The ordering and delivery is stressless for me. Every home should have one!

Kathy McCurran


We LOVE Just Water! From the fresh coooolll delicious clean water to the awesome friendly people behind the scene! We have TWO systems and love both!

Laura Parsons


We love our water cooler because it has allowed us to cut our purchases of bottled water down to ZERO! We love that we have cool, filtered water available everyday for just $1. Our daughter is enjoying the independence of being able to help herself to drinks whenever she is thirsty. 

Rachel Grulke


Got us off fizzy drinks. We had a 3-4 x 2L a week habit so it's saved us in health and finances!

Rita Moemausu


We adults have been trying to get the kids to drink more water - they love the whole idea of pushing the button. We have a lot of relief knowing it's chloride free and we love the cold, fresh feeling after a hot day. Oh and the guests just love it too!

Elizabeth Wichman

Lower Hutt

There is nothing better than cool fresh water period!

Frank Tito


My children and I love this water as tap water makes us all sick. This water is fresh and cold to drink at a touch of a button and when you have 9 children who love water this is the best way to have it. We used to drink a lot of fizzy, now that’s a treat. They would rather drink EverFresh water. We have been drinking this water now for 6 years, love it.

Lisa Payne


My family loves our EverFresh water because it’s always there and it’s cool and fresh every time we get thirsty.

Flora Vailalo


We love our Just Water EverFresh water cooler because it's refreshing on a hot day and it cools us down. It's also healthier for our five boys to drink and contains less nasties. It has no sugar like fizzies and they enjoy using the cooler themselves... we all love it. We fill it every day.

Jaimie Brougham


Me and my family love our EverFresh water cooler because not only are we guaranteed clean water, we can also adjust what kind of water we need according to the weather/season. We also love it because our kids can get their own water with ease, instead of trying to carry a big jug from the fridge.

Josephine Roberts-Leaupepe


My family only drink water, plus the tap water has a funny taste. We love our water cooler because we only drink water and we love it cause it's so cold.

Quintin Marshall

Lower Hutt

The water is always nice and cool and it's child proof, tastes better than tap water, I've personally started to drink more water than I did before. My toddler likes the water too.

Kararaina Kirk

Lower Hutt

I am diabetic and I keep my water in my room as I live with boarders. My daughter and I love it as she has eczema - it is good for both of us.

Shanelle Houia


I love fresh COLD WATER. I live alone and when family come to visit they too enjoy the cold water. You know that the water is FRESH AND CLEAN. I use the water to make nice fresh lemon juice, and for cooking. I am involved with sports so this really comes in handy. So thank you EverFresh.

Yvonne Harding