When you drink more water – you sparkle.

Every system in your body depends on hydration. And you lose up to three litres a day through sweating, breathing and using the bathroom. It is important to drink plenty of clean, safe water for everyday wellbeing and its benefits for body and mind.

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Why our water is the best.

We offer New Zealand’s largest range of products.

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We're New Zealand owned and operated since 1989.

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Our filtering systems deliver crystal clear, clean water.

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We're Just Water, and we do it really, really, well.

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Just Water’s filtration process.

Just Water’s premium filtration system delivers crystal clear,

clean tasting water, litre after litre.

Step one.

Carbon bed filters remove the chlorine from the water.

Step two.

Five micro filter cartridges remove the sediment.

Step three.

Ultra-violet (UV) treatment removes bacteria and viruses.

Step four.

Micron filter cartridge removes any last bacteria or viruses.

Our quality standards

When it comes to looking after the safety of your family and team – going above and beyond is just what we do.

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Our internationally recognised, independently audited HACCP programme complies with strict standards, protecting you against potential food safety hazards.

Our Water - Aquafresh®

Aquafresh® tastes good because we're very serious about quality!

Our water is bottled in compliance with the rigourous standards required by the Food Act. Our ultra-pure filtered water is filtered to the highest standards in accordance with international best practice.

We use specifically-designed equipment to wash, sanitise and fill each bottle.


We’re the only NZ water cooler company with the DrinkSafe © International service and sanitisation programme, ensuring your water is safe to drink.

Our servicing

Our customers are guaranteed the highest quality drinking water available. Just Water operates a service and sanitisation programme, titled DrinkSafe©. This ensures that the water from your water cooler is safe to drink – you are guaranteed the very best for your team and customers.

Expert service, with a smile

At Just Water, we know we’re only as good as our team. So we only hire great people, and make sure they have the training and support to give you consistently excellent service.

Helping you drink safer

Our qualified and experienced DrinkSafe© service consultants are trained to provide clean, safe water for your staff and customers.

Meet our team

They’re the friendly Just Water people you’ll see at your home or work.

Come and meet them first.

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