Water coolers and water delivery

Hydrate the team with delicious filtered water, served always. Premium filtration removes nasties, including chlorine, lead, heavy metals, bad tastes and smells, so you enjoy chilled and ambient water with no worries.

Please note, this page is for business customers only. Find our HOME water solutions here.

Just what you can expect.

An unlimited supply of refreshing, healthy and delicious water.

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Designed for New Zealand workplaces.

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Choose from New Zealand’s largest range

of water coolers.

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Regular servicing to keep your water fresh and clean.

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Fill-your-own or delivery? Compare your options.

We offer commercial water coolers to fit your people, place and price. Choose from Water Delivery, Easy Fill or Direct Connect. Then select the water cooler that suits your needs – chilled, ambient room temperature, floor standing or benchtop. Your low monthly charge includes scheduled filter changes and servicing to DrinkSafe® International standards.

Water Delivery

Delicious water, delivered. Keep your team productive while caring for customers, with clean bottled water delivered fortnightly.

Easy Fill

Prefer to DIY? Fill your own bottles with fresh, filtered water – and save heaps! We provide a cooler, bottles and a filter to purify regular tap water, making it crystal clear, healthy and delicious.

Direct Connect

Save your strength. Plumbed-in water coolers connect to mains water supply – no need to lift heavy bottles. Fitted with our exclusive flood protection valve to keep your floors safe and dry.

Compare our range of water coolers

Just what you need, where you need it.

Find the water delivery option and water cooler model that works best for your needs.

For Your Home

$1 per day

Water Delivery

From $24/mth

Easy Fill

From $30/mth

Direct Connect

From $40/mth

Available Short Term
Manual Fill
Full Service Included
Chilled FIltered Water
No Bottles to Lift or Store
Colours Available
Never Runs Out of Water
Fixed Cost
(Regardless of water use)
Boiled Filtered Water

Our range of water coolers

Refreshing your water cooler conversations.


This simple, portable floor standing water cooler unit can be easily placed and relocated anywhere in your workspace with a level floor.

WaterWorks 5 Series

With its generous 12L capacity, this water cooler is perfect for larger businesses.

WaterWorks 19 Series

To complement your modern interior design, this sleek WaterWorks cooler has a large 15L capacity, and comes in floor standing and benchtop models.

DS Series

This is our corporate range, designed to meet the needs of large organisations.

Guarantee from the CEO

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