Under-bench units streamline your supply

Our under-bench water filtration systems will earn their place in your home or workplace. Choose cool, filtered water, or select a model with boiling capability too. It’s there for you whenever you need instant, refreshing filtered water. And all you see is the sleek tap.

Just what you can expect

Plumbed-in directly to your water supply for unlimited filtered water.

Discreet option if floor or bench space is an issue.

Premium-grade filtration removes chlorine, bad taste and odours, lead and heavy metals.

Exclusive flood protection valve keeps your floors safe and dry.

Our range of underbench boil & chill units

Space saving underbench units.


Cool, filtered water on demand from a counter-mounted tap adjacent to your sink, in 5.8L or 15L capacity options to suit the size of your team or household.

Boiling & Chilled

We have some great options if you want both boiling and chilled water.

Guarantee from the CEO

"I built Just Water on trust and fair play, and I treat every customer as though they were my own family. So if we’re not living up to your expectations, contact me directly. I promise to do the right thing by you."

Tony Falkenstein,
Founder and CEO of Just Life Group
Call me on 021 950 856
or email at tonyf@justlife.co.nz