Keep the water flowing – with cups and filters

Here at Just Water we don’t think plastic is all that fantastic. So our replacement filters and Bio Cups will help you reduce single use plastics – while saving heaps and replacing soft drinks with refreshing, healthy, clean water.

Our range of extras.

Consumables – from filters to cups.

Just Water Bio Cups

Made with PLA-lined paper board and are commercially compostable – an eco-friendlier alternative to single use plastic. The raw materials used in our Bio Cups are certified:

- Compostable to ASTM6400 standards

- From sustainably harvested forests

- Food Safe (based on European Standards)

PLA is a plant-based plastic that’s a better alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics. We use a very fine lining of PLA to make sure Bio Cups won’t leak, but will still biodegrade faster than 100% PLA cups.

Available in boxes of 1000 for just $84 plus NZ GST.

Special: Buy 2 boxes of Just Water Bio-Cups & get free shipping! Save $19.90+GST

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Replacement filters

Is it time to replace your filter? The most important part of your cooler, fountain, or boiling unit – the filter keeps your water fresh tasting and free from nasties. But over time, filters accumulate the same chemicals they keep out of your water. Replacing your water filter each year keeps your water filtration system working effectively. We carry replacement water filters to fit every model.

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Guarantee from the CEO

"I built Just Water on trust and fair play, and I treat every customer as though they were my own family. So if we’re not living up to your expectations, contact me directly. I promise to do the right thing by you."

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