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The Benefits of Filtered Water in the Workplace

Water is an important and very necessary part of our wellbeing and for good health overall. However, if you’re drinking water directly from the tap, you may be getting more than you bargained for.

Investing in a water purification filter means investing in better tasting water overall and lowers the chance of impurities. Water filters work to filter out nasty chemicals, chlorine, bacteria and heavy metals that may be present in our water.

Every year, New Zealand’s Crown Research Institute compiles an Annual Review of Drinking-water Quality in New Zealand for the Ministry of Health (Ministry for the Environment, 2008). This report provides an overview of drinking water quality in New Zealand. An electronic copy of the complete Review can be viewed on the Ministry of Health website:

What are the benefits of having filtered water in the workplace?

  1. Drinking clean, filtered water protects our bodies from disease and can lead to improved health, immune system function and digestion overall.
  2. Drinking water that has been filtered, may help to improve energy levels, concentration and productivity in the workplace.
  3. Water filters remove unwanted tap-water odours as well as improve the taste of the water by largely removing chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria such as E. coli.
  4. Water filtration is a simple way to ensure high quality water is being consumed and enjoyed by New Zealanders.
  5. Water purification filtering systems provide a sustainable and affordable alternative to bottled water.

Your company can play an important part in reducing New Zealand’s plastic footprint by purchasing one of Just Water’s sustainable filtered water solutions.

Choose from Just Water’s great range of floor-standing water coolers, plumbed-in systems, water boiling and chilling units and water-delivery solutions.

Just Water offers a solution for all workplaces water-filtration needs and can cater to every budget.

What water solution is the right fit for your company?

1. Water Coolers

Just Water coolers are UL listed and NSF certified as well as being the only water cooler company to under-take monthly water testing by participating at the independent Telarc-certified laboratory. Check out our full range of water coolers here.

2. Plumbed-In: Drinking Fountains

Our robust, stylish water fountains provide great tasting filtered and chilled water, ideal for high-use or industrial areas. They are connected to the mains and are self-draining for hassle-free usage. View our Just Water drinking fountains.

3. Plumbed In: Underbench Units

Underbench chillers are a great solution when floor space is an issue. Our quiet chiller units sit discretely under your kitchen bench with only a stylish counter-mounted tap visible. View our Just Water Underbench Units.

4. Wall Mounted & Underbench Boiling Units

No more waiting for water to boil. Our wall mounted or Undersink Boiling Units provides boiling water instantly, for great tasting tea and coffee. Also handy for cooking.
View full product details See our range of Just Water boiling units..

For more information regarding our filtered-water solutions please contact us here.

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