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Our Just Water Quality Standards

When it comes to looking after the safety of your family and staff – going above and beyond is just what we do.

Safety first, it’s second nature

Here at Just Water we operate two specific quality standard processes.

  • DrinkSafe

DrinkSafe assurance

Just Water is the only New Zealand water cooler company to protect the health of your staff and customers with the DrinkSafe International service and sanitisation programme.

DrinkSafe guarantees that the water from your cooler is safe and good to drink. The industry’s most stringent and professional service, DrinkSafe is our Code of Practice for servicing and sanitising water coolers, and complies with or exceeds all health and safety standards.

When you rent a water cooler with us you are guaranteed:

Unlimited FREE call-outs for all rental units.

FREE regular maintenance including:

• Cleaning and sanitising the cooler, bottle and cap, inside and out

• Sanitising the cooling reservoir, taps and wastewater areas

• Checking and cleaning filter housing

• Replacing filter cartridges and hoses when needed

For your easy reference and peace of mind, a complete service history is recorded on each water cooler. We also randomly and regularly test all water we deliver, using an independent registered laboratory.


Our production and bottling processes comply with the strict food and pharmaceutical safety standards of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) process. HACCP is internationally recognised in the food industry to identify potential food safety hazards, so that key actions can be taken to reduce or eliminate the risks.

While HACCP is voluntary in the bottled water industry, we believe it’s key to making our water safe and consistently high quality. The Just Water HACCP programme operates at our bottling plants in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington. It’s independently audited and approved annually by Eurofins New Zealand Laboratory Services.

We’re so proud of our safety record, we invite you to visit our offices and world-class water production facilities.

For more information on our water, click here.

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