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How A Just Water Cooler Will Benefit Your Company

According to the the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, “Being dehydrated by just 2% affects performance in tasks that require attention to detail. Dehydration also affects levels of concentration and immediate memory skills” (Adan, 2012).

Does water have an impact on workplace performance & productivity?

The answer is, a clear yes, it does!

Investing in a water cooler for your workplace provides employees with on-demand clean, chilled and fresh filtered water at the convenient push of a button. Most importantly, your employees are hydrated, healthy and ready to perform.

What are the benefits of investing in an on-demand water cooler?

1. Cool, clean filtered water ‘on tap’

2. Improved employee productivity

3. Happy and healthy employees

4. Water regulates body temperature and lowers the risk of headaches

5. A sustainable solution that reduces your company’s plastic footprint

Why choose Just Water New Zealand?

1. Just Water’s coolers are UL listed and NSF certified with both short and long-term budget-friendly options.

2. High quality, great-tasting, fast and easy water delivery.

3. Effective and refreshing hydration when you need it.

4. Filtered water from your water cooler ensures nasty chemicals and heavy metals are reduced.

5. Available in two great-tasting flavours.

6. Dedicated to refilling, not landfilling. Our 15-litre delivery bottles are returnable, refillable and 100% recyclable.

7. Just Water have our own service and sanitisation programme DrinkSafe®. All work is undertaken by trained service consultants.

8. Just Water coolers is the only water cooler company to execute monthly water testing by the independent Telarc-certified laboratory.

9. FREE installation of your water cooler and unlimited callouts.

10. FREE professional scheduled service for your water cooler from our ISO accredited. DrinkSafe® technicians with an up-to-date record of servicing displayed on your cooler.

For more information on our water coolers, click here.

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