Unlimited Filtered Water for Just $1

What you get for $1 a day

We will provide you with a water cooler fully maintained. If anything goes wrong with the cooler due to faulty equipment we will fix or replace.

EverFresh Smart Filter

What you get for $1 a day

We will provide you with a refillable, re-useable 15 litre polycarbonate bottle. This comes with a portable hose connection that can be attached to your household tap. Our Smart Filter has been designed to, significantly reduce chlorine, giardia and rust in the water while retaining the natural minerals leaving you with clean filtered great tasting water – water like it was supposed to taste. Free replacement filter every 12 months valued at $180.


A one-off establishment fee of $40 applies.
Please quote “JW WEBSITE” for special introductory offer.

• Thermo-lined® keeps beverage cold (or hot) for up to 12 hours
• Can be personalised with your own name
• No condensation on outside of bottle
• Each refill means one less plastic bottle
• 6 different colours
• BPA free


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Health Benefits

Say ‘no’ to sugar loaded drinks.
By having Just Water’s EverFresh cooler solution you will help your family by reducing the amount of sugar loaded drinks they have. This reduces the chances of tooth decay, Type 2 Diabetes and obesity.


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