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Got a burning question about water cooler troubleshooting, delivery options or filtration and safety standards? Just Water can help with that.

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We are a New Zealand business and currently operating as 'business as usual' in servicing our New Zealand customers. However, we are mindful that this is an evolving situation and so will keep vigilant regarding our internal practices and any developments that have potential impact on our business. We would appreciate you advising us of any situation arising within your business pertaining to Covid-19 of which we should be aware so we can work together on a solution.

Just Life Group have issued a Covid19 internal policy which has been prepared based upon Guidelines issued by the WHO as at 7th March 2020 and speaks to our team members in the first instance on good practices for the prevention such as hand and respiratory hygiene. To be absolutely thorough, we have included in this policy guidelines on detection, containment and reporting. These practices and guidelines have been adopted across our business to keep our team and our community including our customers safe. Please click on the following link to the Just Water COVID19 Policy: https://www.justwater.co.nz/la...

We have always used hospital grade cleaning products to sanitise our bottles and our Drink Safe Consultants and Delivery Service Representatives maintain WHO hygiene standards as part of their daily routines.

The water coolers are sealed units so it is very unlikely they will become contaminated. Delivered water bottles are also sealed.

For fill your own bottles make sure you are practicing good handwashing hygiene prior to filling.

It would also be prudent to clean the taps down once a day with a disinfectant wipe, i.e. Janola wipe.

We are currently 'business as usual' and have continued to service our New Zealand customers. However, we are mindful that this is an evolving situation and so will keep vigilant regarding our internal practices and any developments that have potential impact on our ability to do so. We are asking all our customers to advise of any potential issue on-site regarding Covid-19 to ensure the ongoing safety of our DSR's and DSC's. We will then assess and work with the customer regarding this site on a case by case basis.

We have always used hospital grade cleaning products to sanitise our bottles and our Drink Safe Consultants and Delivery Service Representatives maintain WHO hygiene standards as part of their daily routines.

It may be possible to organise an additional service by one of our Drink Safe Consultants, please contact us to discuss.

"This is a standard Just Water Procedure. We have a strict servicing code of practice, and all coolers on business sites get serviced on a regular basis.

If you do see someone who has flu like symptoms, and was refilling the bottle or touching the internal parts etc., isolate the unit, power it off, ideally cover it with a 'Do Not Use' notice and advise your staff not to use till further notice.

Then contact Just Water, via our Contact Centre on 0800 801 802 or email hello@justwater.co.nz.

When advising Just Water, explain the person using the cooler had flu type symptoms, we would then take our own protocols to deal with this unit."

Just Water has not been considered an essential business. The majority of our home customers will have access to safe drinking water throughout the isolation period.

Yes, we will respond to those who are New Zealand’s essential services such as hospitals during the Level 4 Alert period.

Just Water has decided to take positive action against this virus as soon as we possibly could to protect our customers, our team and our wider community across the country.

Please empty your bottle, the cooler reservoir prior to leaving your office and switch your cooler off at the wall. When you return simply switch your cooler back on and your full bottle back into place and you are ready to go!

Please turn off the power point to your cooler whilst you are shutdown to minimise the chances of any issues occurring whilst you’re away. Turn off the water by using the shut off tap which is usually located by the filter generally behind the cooler – may require you to follow the hosing back until you find one.

New to Just Water?

We offer Everfresh to home delivery customers in the North Island. For new home delivery customers in the South Island, we offer the Just Water Filter system.

Check out our range of products here.

We offer water delivery for businesses and homes in the North Island of New Zealand. If you live or work outside the North Island, please get in touch to find out about the options available in your area.

If you have a water delivery plan, we’ll deliver fresh water to you every fortnight.

Yes. All Just Water’s coolers are UL listed and NSF certified. Underwriters Laboratory (NL) is the globally recognised standard for product compliance.

The National Safety Foundation (NSF) leads the world in public health and safety, and sets standards for water coolers to meet food safety compliance.

Yes. Just Water’s own DrinkSafe® International service and sanitisation programme was specially designed to meet the most stringent standards of safety, taste and performance from our products.

Yes. To meet the highest quality and safety standards, our stringent DrinkSafe© International service and sanitisation programme is undertaken by trained, ISO accredited service technicians, following our rigorous checks and protocols.

Yes. To comply with DrinkSafe® International standards, we’re the only water cooler company to engage an independent Telarc certified laboratory to randomly test water every month from Just Water coolers placed around New Zealand.

  • FREE installation of your water cooler and tips for use
  • FREE professional scheduled servicing from our ISO accredited DrinkSafe® technicians
  • Unlimited FREE callouts
  • Up-to-date service record displayed on your cooler


We replace water filters each year around the same day you signed up. Get in touch when your filter is due to be replaced and we’ll send you a new one in 3-5 business days.

Call 0800 801 802 and we’ll help you get the right part.

The most likely cause is a cracked water bottle. Alternatively, water may be leaking from the filter or connections. If you notice your cooler leaking, please call our service team on 0800 801 802 and we’ll help you out.

Is it time for a filter replacement? Arrange a replacement filter and flush 10 litres of water through the unit. Contact Just Water on 0800 801 802.

Check that the white temperature indicator reaches the top of the blue display. If not, reset the cold-water temperature setting to 4°C.

Is the ambient temperature around your water cooler very hot or cold? Normally in these scenarios the water cooler is chilling properly, the approximate time for a full recovery is 15 minutes. You may need a different option – call our technicians on 0800 801 802.

If you use a lot of water, your current water cooler model may not be keeping up. Take a look to see if a larger water cooler model or a water fountain option would work better for you

If you have a hot water model, the child safety lock may be on. Press the unlock button, then hold down the hot water button for 5 seconds. If this doesn’t get things running again, please call us on 0800 801 802.

Follow our simple instructions here.

How do I?

Browse our Solutions pages to compare options, then simply hit the order button when you find the model that suits your needs. Or call our friendly sales team on 0800 801 802 to get started.

We recommend cleaning your water cooler about once every [time period] to keep it working well and your water tasting fresh.


1. Wipe down the surface with warm, soapy water or a mild surface spray.

2. Remove the bottle and gently lift out the ring it sits in (the part that spikes the bottle cap when you place it on the cooler).


1. Empty any water left in the tank by draining it from both taps into a bucket.

2. Wipe the inside of the reservoir with a damp cloth and warm/hot water. You can use warm soapy water, but you’ll need to rinse any residue away thoroughly.


1. Unscrew the taps and remove the drip tray and spill guard. Wash them in the sink or your dishwasher.

2. Rinse well to remove any soapy residue and put them back on the cooler.

3. Gently hand tighten the taps – don’t overtighten them.

4. Put the bottle ring and the bottle back on the cooler.

5. Flush at least two litres of cold water through the taps.

6. Pour a glass and taste to make sure there’s no soapy residue.

My Wally

My Wally is a double-wall insulated stainless steel water bottle brought to you by Just Water. View them here.

Yes, your My Wally bottle is dishwasher safe, however we recommend to wash the lid separately with warm water only.