EverFresh Instructional Video

Setting up your Smart Filter Kit

How can I keep my EverFresh water cooler clean and in good working order?

Our EverFresh Maintenance Guidelines are very simple, here’s 5 easy steps to keep your EverFresh cooler in great condition:

1. Try to avoid having your cooler in direct sunlight.

2. Wipe down your cooler and filter monthly like you would any other kitchen appliance.

3. Empty the drip tray when needed and wash it monthly with your dishes.

4. Ensure your bottle cover is always on the bottle to protect it and rinse your bottle every couple of months. Simply put a couple of litres of hot water in it and give it a good shake. Empty that water and refill your bottle with your EverFresh filtered water.

5. Brush the dust off the back of your cooler. This will keep the refrigeration system working its best.