Just Water Stop Their Use of Plastic Cups

Just Water New Zealand, a division of publicly-listed Just Water International Ltd, will be stopping the sale of single-use plastic cups, as part of a campaign to reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste in the environment.

1 September 2018

Just Water Invite You to “Go Drastic or Plastic”

Tony Falkenstein, Founder and Chief Executive of Just Water International Ltd is asking the question, “Why are our birds and fish bathing in oceans polluted by single use plastic bottles, bags, straws and cups?”

1 August 2018

Just Water Deliver Quality Water To Your Doorstep

Just Water’s range of crisp refreshing bottled water is delivered right to the front door and is the ideal way to care for your customers and keep your staff hydrated and productive. Just Water is the only bottled water delivery supplier in New Zealand to meet ABWI's strict quality standards and is ideal if a water source is not up to standard. Customers can choose from three great-tasting water options.

1 June 2018


Water is the basis of all life and that includes your body. The muscles that move your body are 75 percent water. Your blood, responsible for transporting nutrients throughout your body is 82 percent water. Your lungs, that take oxygen from the air to provide your body with oxygen, are 90 percent water while your brain is 76 percent water. Even your bones are 25 percent water! - Dr. Libby Weaver

14 May 2015

CEO's Guarantee

"I started this Company over 25 years ago – it was built on trust and fair play, and I treat every customer as though they were my own family. So if we are not living up to your expectations, then you contact me directly, and I guarantee to do the right thing by you."

Tony Falkenstein

Founder and CEO


or tf@jwi.co.nz

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